Work Packages

INSENSION activities are divided into six separate work packages, to keep a close eye on the overall system and maximize the interaction among them:

  • WP1 – Interaction using non-symbolic behaviours – is a user-centred work package responsible for collecting requirements and conducting pilot trials.
    • Duration: M1-M36
    • Lead partner: PHHD
  • WP2 – Detection of non-symbolic signals – responsible for adjustment and development of technology components detecting non-symbolic behaviour signals from users.
    • Duration: M1-M30
    • Lead partner: CTIC
  • WP3 – Context-based non-symbolic accessibility of digital services – will focus on detecting the interaction context and translating the non-symbolic behaviour signal into meaningful decisions.
    • Duration: M4-M33
    • Lead partner: JSI
  • WP4 – Platform for interaction of people with PMLD with digital services – is responsible for development and integration of all services into and interaction platform.
    • Duration: M7-M36
    • Lead partner: PSNC
  • WP5 – Innovation, dissemination and exploitation – is responsible for interaction with external stakeholders, disseminating the work done and gathering feedback and building a larger community around the project.
    • Duration: M1-M36
    • Lead partner: Harpo
  • WP6 – Project management – is responsible for the overall co-ordination of the project.
    • Duration: M1-M36
    • Lead partner: PSNC