Within the INSENSION project we are planning to provide more than 20 deliverables – see the below table.

For each public deliverable, the introduction as well as the table of content will be published. For more details, please use the contact form to contact project coordinator.

Deliverable number Deliverable name Dissemination level
D1.1 INSENSION requirements Public
D1.2 INSENSION electronic communication passport tool Public
D1.3 Pilot trial execution and evaluation methodology Public
D1.4 Pilot installation Confidential
D1.5 Report on the pilot trial and evaluation of the system Public
D2.1 Technical requirements for the components Public
D2.2 Release of working prototypes of components on detection of non-symbolic signals Confidential
D3.1 Release of modules for context-based non-symbolic accessibility of digital services Confidential
D4.1 INSENSION platform architecture and interfaces definition Confidential
D4.2 Prototype of INSENSION system Confidential
D4.3 First prototype for demonstration Confidential
D4.4 Demo of INSENSION platform Confidential
D4.5 Pilot installation of INSENSION platform Confidential
D4.6 Digital services/applications for people with PMLD Confidential
D5.1 Global community building platform Public
D5.2 Project promotional materials Public
D5.3 Dissemination and community building strategy Public
D5.4 Project video Public
D5.5 Market analysis and business models for the system Confidential
D6.1 Project and Quality Management Plan Confidential
D6.2 Ethics Policy Confidential
D6.3 Data Management Plan Confidential