The objectives of the INSENSION project required us to gather an interdisciplinary team of experts

capable of performing the necessary research and development works. This team originates from six

organizations, experienced in the realization of international and national research and

development, as well as innovation projects. This consortium is well-balanced and consists of the following entities:

  • Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), Poland [Project Coordinator]

PSNC is a leading research and computing centre in Poland established in 1993. PSNC focuses on using, innovating and providing optical networking, high-performance computing (HPC),

middleware services or advanced Web-based applications to enable advances in eScience and engineering.

Main tasks within INSENSION for PSNC are project coordination, development of the technical components for vocalization recognition and interaction context detection as well as leading the WP4 dealing with the overall design and development of the platform for interaction of people with PMLD with digital services.


PHHD is designed to train and qualify prospective teachers for a wide range of teaching careers in elementary, secondary and special needs education. The University has also developed a profile as a research-focused institution which actively encourages and supports practice-oriented research. In both teaching and research, particular emphasis is placed on special needs education, aesthetic education, new media and didactic approaches in the field of natural sciences.

Main tasks within INSENSION for PHHD are leading WP1 focusing on interaction using non-symbolic behaviours and coordinating the process of gathering requirements for the INSENSION platform.


JSI, founded in 1949 and employing around 1,000 staff, is the leading Slovenian institution for research in natural sciences and technology. It pursues research, development and education at the highest international level of excellence.
The main task within INSENSION for JSI is leading WP3 dealing with context-based non-symbolic accessibility of digital services, using whole range of expertise on artificial intelligence to provide an understanding of the users’ intents and attitudes to suggest appropriate actions.

CTIC is a Spanish non-profit private Research and Technology Organization, specialized in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies, employing a team of 50 researchers.

Main tasks within INSENSION for CTIC are leading WP2 dealing with adjustment and development of technology components detecting non-symbolic behaviour signals from users as well as leading the task in WP4 on implementation of accessible application/services for the people with PMLD.


NaTak is a Polish non-governmental organization supporting people with disabilities and their families. For more than 27 years NaTak has been providing education, therapy and rehabilitation services, especially for children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities of all types.

Within INSENSION, NaTak will involve its care centres related to supporting individuals with

profound and multiple learning disabilities to enable collecting end-users’ requirements and performing trials.


Harpo is a Polish SME, established in 1985, developing and delivering a range of assistive technology solutions for persons with various disabilities. The vision of Harpo is to eliminate the obstacles in interacting with the world when it comes to persons with special needs.

The main task within INSENSION for Harpo is leading the dissemination and exploitation WP5 as well as providing business perspective and technical support for other work packages.