INSENSION on ATIA Conference in Orlando to network, learn and share

At the turn from January to February 2019 the Board of Harpo (Jarek Urbanski and Ola Cebernik) attended the Assistive Technology Industry Association ATIA 2019 Orlando Conference and Exhibition.

Practitioners and parents, teachers and researchers, manufacturers, and distributors -individuals and organizations who together reach more than 1 million people with disabilities – all come to the ATIA Conference to:

  • Network with colleagues, customers, and the community,
  • Learn about the latest trends, tools, and best practices,
  • Share their insights to enhance opportunities for persons with disabilities.

The ATIA Conference addresses all disabilities and all types of assistive technology for all ages, from early childhood to senior. Sessions and events embrace the education market, university-level disability services, technology for independent living, accommodations for the workplace, needs of an aging population, and research on technology developments and outcomes.

ATIA 2019 included about 350 education sessions and over 100 AT exhibitors. Moreover more than 2,500 senior-level program directors, special education teachers, therapists, service providers, higher education teachers, corporate accessibility teams and workplace accommodations specialists from around the world participated in ATIA 2019.

Such a diverse environment is ideal for spreading the idea of INSENSION project and the ICT platform for people with PMLD. We have been talking to many participants and exhibitors, have been meeting contractors and have promoted our project. Thanks to wide spectrum of audience we could consult experts in their industry and share our thoughts on AT solutions. ATIA Conference turned out to be another opportunity to share promotional materials of the project with the participants.

As the organizers of the Conference say, ATIA is a place where the Assistive Technology Community meets to … network, learn, and share…


INSENSION on Na Tak conference in Poznań

Na Tak meetings are a series of international conferences organized by the Na Tak Association and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. From 2015, the strategic partner of the conference is Harpo. This edition of the International Conference “(Nie)zależność” (Eng. “(In)dependence”) was held on November 9-10, 2018 in Poznań, Poland. On the first lecture day when speakers from Poland and abroad visited and where the issues of supporting the independence of people with different disabilities were discussed, a number of exhibitors also presented their products and technologies. Harpo, PSNC and Na Tak also presented the INSENSION project.

There was the opportunity to hear four different lectures and participation in eight workshop blocks during the conference. In total, twenty-three outstanding lecturers, both from Poland and abroad, shared with the audience their knowledge, experience and working methods.
The conference was accompanied by an exhibition of technologies supporting the education and therapy of people with disabilities from all over Europe. Nine exhibitors presented specialized supporting electronic devices, and we as the only exhibitors, presented also not yet finished product or technology, but our INSENSION project, which aroused curiosity among the visitors of the exhibition. We have heard many warm words about the fact that solutions we propose are needed by people with intellectual disabilities to feel more independent. We were supported to present the finished product during the next editions of the conference.

Three hundred sixty five people attended the conference. In the lecture hall and during the exhibition, as every year, scientists, social workers, therapists, physiotherapists, carers and assistants of people with disabilities were hosted, as well as parents, students or volunteers. Therefore the spectrum of people visiting us was very wide. At our design stand, we presented the INSENSION poster and distributed promotional materials. We hope that at least some of the visitors will be interested enough to come back to us.




INSENSION at ATAAC conference in Zagreb

The INSENSION project concept and activities were presented at the Conference on the Advanced Technology for People with Disabilities in Zagreb. The conference was held on 17th-19th of October 2018. The poster was presented by our colleague, Wojciech Nowak of Harpo.


The INSENSION project presented its concept during the poster session of the ENPAIR’s First Network Meeting and Conference “From Assessment to Rehablitation” that was held on 4-5th of July in Leiden, Netherlands. ENPAIR – the European Network on Psychoeducational Assessment, Intervention and Rehabilitation, is a platform for exchanging ideas, insights …

Plenary meeting in Heidelberg


The second face-to-face meeting of the project consortium was held on 4-6th of June 2018 in Heidelberg, hosted by Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg (The Heidelberg University of Education). We used that opportunity to summarize our work so far and plan for the next few months. The primary focus of the meeting was to review findings concerning non-symbolic behavioral signals and early technological analysis of the extensive material collected from our end users. This allowed us to attempt drawing the logical picture of the Insension system.


Target end-users helping us to build the system

Over the past few months we worked with 6 representatives of our target end-user group to collect information necessary for defining detailed requirements for the Insension system. Today we completed the last piece of data recording. Together with the assessment of the skills of the participants, these data will allow to verify the usefulness of known face expression, gesture, vocalization and physiological response technologies. The next step is the annotation of the recorded data in a way that enables the system to begin to ‘understand’ our end users. The participants of the study recruited from the Na Tak care centres: kindergarten “Orzeszek”, school “Zakątek” and adult care centre “Kamyk” (2 persons from each of the considered life stages).


Kick-off meeting


On 10-11 January the INSENSION Consortium met for the first time in Poznań, Poland for the project kick-off. The meeting, which was organized by PSNC – the Project Coordinator, started with a study visit to three centres providing care for project’s end-users: kindergarten “Orzeszek”, primary and secondary school “Zakątek” and adult care center “Kamyk”. Thanks to “Na Tak” Association, that manages these centres, we were able to learn many vital facts on the INSENSION end-users’ non-symbolic behaviours, which led to fruitful discussions during the second day. The meeting was a great opportunity for partners to come together and to define in detail plans for the next months within all Work Packages. Let the work begin!

INSENSION has started!

2018-01-01 With the start of the new year, we have officially launched the INSENSION project. In mid-January the members of the project will meet in Poznań, Poland for the kick-off. We are looking forward to start working together to bring new solutions for persons with PMLD!